Welcome summer with When Chai Met Toast’s debut EP

After almost 2 years of forming the band, When Chai Met Toast finally dropped their debut EP – and it’s everything we thought it would be. With the ability to lift even the dampest of spirits, this three-song pack is aptly-namedĀ Joy of Little Things.


Even though the Kerala-based band has already made a name for itself in the local scene, this EP is the mark that sets them apart from everyone else. In just three songs, these four musicians masterfully display their grasp of music. From the stock-picturesque scenes of college students laughing on freshly-mowed grassĀ to going on bike ride adventures for a cuppa tea, Joy of Little Things is the perfect soundtrack to everything small yet grand. If you can’t visualize it, When Chai Met Toast helps us out with their music video Firefly.

Listen to the whole EP here, available for free download:


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