Watch Irumai, a Tamil sci-fi pilot film that doesn’t disappoint

The Kollywood industry is well-developed with a multitude of movies releasing every year, but there’s a big gaping hole where sci-fi films should be. Although movies like Maayavan and Indru Netru Naalai were met with positive reviews, the genre never picked up speed in Tamil Nadu. Thankfully, with the changing generations, more and more people are shunning “masala” movies and looking forward to films with intricate plots and powerful acting.

It’s at a time like this when writer and director Nitin Raj has released Irumai, a pilot for a feature film. Irumai begins with the fast-paced action of an investigation room and escalates into the concept of parallel dimensions. It’s a familiar concept for any sci-fi lover or even a DC fan, but seeing that translated into a Tamil setting is refreshing.

Here’s hoping we’ll see it on the silver screen soon.

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