Here’s some Indian artists you need to check out

Inktober has finally broken into the mainstream this year, but for those of you who still don’t know what it is, it’s a drawing challenge for artists to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. Artist Shawn Coss in particular has gained a huge following after his Mental Illnesses/Disorders-themed Inktober drawings started making the rounds on various websites.

Artists right here at home have been rising up to the challenge as well, with some breathtaking results. Here are some of our favourite Inktober artists this year, ranging from cute and quirky, to downright creepy:

@juanieve, Jonathan Fernandes


@sweatshopperstop, Jaimeen Desai


@bhaghyasketchbook, Bhaghya Babu


@spd_emergency, Sripradha


@anirban_ghosh, Anirban Ghosh


@annabrahamm, Ann Abraham


@prankurrana, Prankur Rana

If you think we’re missing out a brilliant artist from India who’s been doing Inktober as well, let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Here’s some Indian artists you need to check out”

  1. Ayan Nandi says:

    I think Snehasis Ghorai is also a brilliant artist doing inktober . Check this link in FB :

    1. janetcatherina says:

      Hi Ayan, it seems Snehasis’s profile is set to private! Is there any other link we could check out (maybe on instagram)?

  2. Raksha Jain says:

    Hi, here’s another artist whose inktober artworks are amazingly great. Check it out on his Instagram profile: @qutbitravadi

    1. janetcatherina says:

      Thanks Raksha, we will!

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