LISTEN: Tanya Nambiar’s debut EP ‘Good Girls Gone’

Singer-songwriter, voice artist, anchor, karaoke jockey, and vocalist of the now disbanded alt-rock band Gravy Train. What do they all have in common? They’re all named Tanya Nambiar. But even with so much under her belt, Tanya’s love for music will not let her stop there.

Back in 2015, not only did she begin writing her own songs, she also collaborated with a number of prominent artists in the Delhi circuit like Su Real and MojoJojo. Now, she’s finally released her three-track EP, ‘Good Girls Gone’.


Tanya’s voice has the distinct quality of a rock/blues musician, but her music is fresh and unpredictable, weaving through funk and showtune-like music, all the while being catchy enough to be a pop song. She admits that she makes a conscious effort to write the kind of songs that people get stuck in their heads, with relatable lyrics that they could sing along to. Instead of wading through complicated ideas and concepts, she likes to pick a simple topic and write it with an old school vibe. And we have to say, it does wonders for her.

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About going solo, Tanya says, “It has been a hundred times more of a struggle. Sometimes, you feel like pulling out your hair. But you also did it all on your own, so there’s more to celebrate.”


She’s currently working on a music video for the title track, set to be out next month. The expenses are the only thing dragging out the process. “If I’d called myself DJ Tanya instead, I’d be making so much more money,” she jokes.


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