Gino Banks’s upcoming EP will focus less on drums

Gino Banks, one of India’s most influential drummers, recently released his single Shinobi via nrtya. Shinobi starts off with warped sounds similar to a video game score, before eventually leading listeners to a relaxed place. It is an intense track where, thanks to Gino’s use of polyrhythms and layering, you’ll hear something new every time.

‘Logically Speaking’ and a new EP

Shinobi is a part of the album ‘Logically Speaking’ which was released a few months ago. The album is full of melodic ambient sounds mixed with intense rhythmic grooves, tracks that he wrote over the past 12 years before finally deciding to compile a bunch of songs that could work together on an album. Being a drummer, Gino centers the drums in his tracks and fits the rest of the music around it. But he’s also a fan of ambient sounds and melodies, which is why in his next EP, drums are going to take a backseat. The new EP will also have vocals, and is set to release within the next month via nrtya.

Gino Banks’s other passion

Thanks to growing up in a musical setting, Gino has wanted to play the drums for as long as he can remember. He was never forced into music, but having been around concerts, rehearsals, and studios ever since he was a baby, it came easily to him. But if he wasn’t a musician, Gino says he’d definitely be a filmmaker. Filmmaking is still a hobby of his, and fortunately, he’s connected to it through music.

gino banks playing drums

image courtesy of gino banks

Evolution of the music scene

Having been in the music scene for a long time, Gino says he’s definitely seen an evolution of the scene and that it’s going to happen constantly. Mumbai, where he was born and brought up, has been exposed to the music club circuit. While it’s a good time for indie musicians to be experimental with their music and imagine things the way they want, he stresses that it’s also important for them to have quality music and entertainment that is interesting for an audience.

The art of engaging an audience

For his own performances, Gino hopes to introduce different visual elements like dancing and lights. It’s not only important for his gigs to sound good, but also to look good. People who are interested in watching something will also be more likely to get into a state of listening.

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