For the love of motorcyles

If you love bikes, then we’re pretty sure that when you’re not riding them, you want to be looking at them. Here is some moto art we’re sure you’ll drool over. Ohhhh the details.





There’s also a short video of her Inktober work, which is pretty much our favourite thing.

Nidhi is an Indian artist who’s currently living in Japan. Her core niche is motorcycle art. And if you see the rest of her work, you’ll realize just how much she loves them (even her insta handle says “motoholic” — you can’t be more of a fan than that).


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3 thoughts on “For the love of motorcyles”

  1. SHAURYA says:

    She’s excellent

  2. Tripti says:

    Awesome art work…jus loved the level of detailing and precision …

  3. Umesh says:

    Excellent art work

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