Follow the story of the Awakening, Arjun Kamath’s latest venture

When I say the words “photo story”, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is Arjun Kamath, the man behind world-renowned projects like Coming Out and Avani. Now, he’s back with another intense narrative, this one shaping up to be darker than the rest right from the very first post.


The ominous posters which set the Awakening apart from his past works.

When asked about The Awakening, Arjun Kamath said, “All I’d like to say is that my art reflects reality, and my next release The Awakening is no different. The expectations are huge after having delivered successful projects like Avani and Coming Out. Therefore we as a team have worked doubly hard to bring this story to the audiences in the best possible way. We’re hoping that the audience enjoys the story as much we did while shooting it.”


Unlike his other projects which were all aptly (and obviously) named, The Awakening still has us guessing what it is all about. The narratives generally progress with a new photo posted everyday. Follow Arjun Kamath on facebook for updates.

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