Black Letters talk about their ‘Falter’ MV and their upcoming album

After almost two years, Black Letters is finally making their comeback, and we’ve just gotten our first taste of it with Falter.

When writing Falter, all the band knew was that they wanted a socially relevant theme for the video. Then they brought Pranav Bhasin and Ankur Vyas on board, and the mesmerizing visuals that accompany Falter were born. Everything from the colors, to the Koi fish, to the pair that trudge out of the sea, speaks of an inner turmoil that’s finally come to an end, tying it all back to the song’s most memorable lyric, “The riot’s over, love.”

picture courtesy of black letters

Although Falter is the first single off their upcoming album, set to be released sometime at the end of this year, many of their fans are already taking it as an indication of what’s to come. While some are liking the band’s more polished, mature sound, others are missing the days of ‘Shapes On The Wall,’ the band’s debut alt-rock album, or even ‘Petrichor’, their laid-back sophomore release.

But Sarang Menon, the band’s guitarist, said that the change in direction wasn’t something they’d consciously decided. “If you want to become a musician, you’ve to try new things. It wasn’t our focus to just make electronica without really liking it. The sound came naturally to us. Some people really like it, some people don’t; they want our first album back. But in the next album, we might come up with an entirely different sound.”

Nevertheless, he clarified that Falter is a little different from the other songs on the album, and that there are a lot more guitar elements on the album as a whole. So our advice? Just sit tight till next month for not one, but TWO new singles from Black Letters.


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