There’s a song for everyone on Janvi Anand’s Faces of Love

A concept album based literally on the different faces of love, Faces of Love by Janvi Anand has a song for everyone. Although on the surface they might seem simple, many of the songs revolve around a central theme. The title track Faces of Love, for example, is based on the symbol of infinity, which the lyrics constantly portray. Each song was inspired by a story of the people really close to Janvi, and so she wanted each track to have its own essence and feel. Her friend and fellow band member Noor Che’ree helped translate that vision into an actual project. The challenge was making such diverse songs sound cohesive when listened to as an album, but they pulled it off, blues and jazz and cinematic tracks all blending into each other.

Listen to the whole album here.

But Janvi has come a long way from her days of being in the Gargi college band. Back then, she formed the Crescendo Institute of Music in New Delhi, wanting to provide access to quality education for everyone. “I remember my struggles of finding a good teacher who could guide me in the right direction,” she adds. But teaching had to take a backseat when she went to Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to attend the Performance Major program for guitar. It was there that she met a drummer and a guitarist, both named Alejandro. To keep in line with her acoustic sound, the drummer purchased a cajon, and the guitarist purchased a bass. It was with them that her debut EP, Inside These Pages, was born. After performing at various venues in LA, they both left the band due to other commitments.

Quickly realizing that songwriting resonated with her much more than playing guitar solos did, she stayed on another year for the Independent Artist program. She’d started writing new material right after the launch of Inside These Pages, and the six months in her second program at MI helped her polish that material. Juggling two jobs with full time school was tough, but the effort payed off. She feels that her 18 months at MI was the maximum growth that she’s achieved as a musician.


For Faces of Love, Janvi Anand needed more musicians and instruments to execute the sound that she’d envisioned. She found her dream team last December and they now perform her music as a six-piece collective. Janvi states that growth is the most important factor for her when judging the quality of an album, and by that criteria, Faces of Love has turned out beautifully, clearly displaying the changes she’s underwent as a musician in the year since Inside These Pages.

When asked about her plans for the near future, Janvi said she’d like to perform as much as she can, and to continue growing as an artist to create something new the next time. She’s also starting to rebuild Crescendo and devoting more time to students who really want to learn.

Janvi’s personal favourites on the album: Faces of Love, How Can I, Girl On A Train and Come With Me To Another World.

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