LISTEN: Gorillas In Groove’s new EP ‘Drunk Party Anthem’

True to their name, Gorillas In Groove is a band that ties a variety of genres together with one common string – the groove. It doesn’t matter if you’re not one for dancing. A foot tap there, a head bob here, that’s really what ‘Drunk Party Anthem’ is all about. It kicks off with the track it’s named after, full of life right from the very first note, and from there, it’s an uphill ride. That’s not to say the album doesn’t have its serious moments. But overall, it’s a feel-good experience.


This three-piece band is made of Pravir on drums, Mp on guitars, and Avi on vocals and bass. All hailing from different backgrounds (Chennai, Mizoram and Darjeeling, respectively), each of them brings something different to the table, which explains the variety of influences on their sound. Together, the three of them want to show the power of music in bonding people. And we’ve no doubt that we’ll witness it with GiG at a gig.

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