Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about Chaos, the band everyone’s been talking about

Last week in Bangalore saw Unscene/Metal edition 1, an effort to keep the metal scene alive. All the bands, both old and new, killed it. But there was one particular band no one seemed to be able to stop talking about – Chaos, metallers from Trivandrum. Chaos has been playing since 2005, with their album Violent Redemption (2015) being praised by fans and critics alike.

But here’s 5 things we bet you didn’t know about Chaos.

  1. Chaos has had a whooping 14 drummers so far.
  2. Guitarist Nikhil and vocalist JK decided to form the band after meeting backstage at a college event in 2004. They’re the only two members left from the original line-up.

  3. The members all have versatile talents. The current drummer Manu is a trained Carnatic vocalist, the bassist Vishnu is a classical guitarist, and the guitarist Nikhil is a trained western classical violinist.

  4. When the band first started out, they’d rented out a house to practice in. They used to share that space with a band called Rage, which both Motherjane’s lead guitarist and Avial’s drummer used to be a part of.

  5. JK composes some of the guitar riffs by singing them to Nikhil, who adds some of his own elements into it.

Chaos is currently working on a music video for their upcoming album, All Against All.

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