Chaos’ primal All Against All MV carries a deep message at its core

All Against All begins with a band of dishelved, semi-clothed people bowing to an inanimate object before advancing to war with another tribe. We see flashes of a woman, a Goddess, every now and then. The men fight well into the night till they all lie on the ground, unmoving. A quick chat with the guitarist of Chaos, Nikhil Wartooth, revealed that the video is not just a one-dimensional plot designed to complement the song, but a portrayal of something much greater.

When the band decided to shoot a video for All Against All, their ideas all revolved around the theme of things that separate and segregate people, things that would make a person treat another person differently. People would fight, kill and die for the things that they believed in or identified with, like race or religion, and it was this message that the band was trying to get across. “Instead of fighting in the mud, people are now wearing suits and doing the same thing,” Nikhil adds.

Director Munz (vocalist of The Down Troddence) was the one who came up with the idea to show a group of people fighting against each other in a primitive setting, and Akhil Unnikrishnan swiftly developed a script. Thillana Madhu took on the challenge of designing costumes for such a large number of people, cleverly coming up with a way to wrap a simple piece of cloth that would be easy for people to follow, but that would hold up well enough during all the fighting.

They also had to overcome the challenge of finding the right location. Having to settle with a barren field, the team procured enough water to turn the soil into mud. Interestingly enough, the group of people who owned this land and never thought to do anything with it were inspired by the team’s effort and decided they’d cultivate it.

But perhaps the most fascinating thing about this video is the amount of fan involvement. Chaos was just shooting in the dark when they called their fans, known as the Chaos Clan, to a camp for the shooting of All Against All. They were surprised by the number of people that actually showed up: including the crew, there were about a hundred people at the camp at Kannur on a Sunday, even though some of them had to get back to work in various other cities the very next day.

Not a single person hesitated after hearing the script. The metalheads were in their zone, giving their all in spite of the mud and bruises. And their fans only continued to surprise them well into the day; Nikhil fondly remembers how, while jamming around the campfire, one of the fans played every single riff of theirs from the first album. Staying up drinking till five in the morning wore out the band members, but the fans were full of energy even during the second day of the shoot.

According to Chaos, they’ve never had fans because all their fans quickly turn into friends, giving meaning to the name “Chaos Clan”. Their album is set to be released at the end of this month, followed by a tour of the country.


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