The release of this remix of Donn Bhat’s XXL is only the beginning for Bulli Bainbridge

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If you’ve listened to XXL from Donn Bhat, you probably remember the guitar line of the song, the tone and the vibe suggestive of everything that could be but wasn’t. In his remix of the song released via nrtya, Zain Calcuttawala AKA Bulli Bainbridge takes the guitar line and brings us right to “everything that could be.”

Drawn to the guitars as much as we were, Zain decided to play around with XXL after he’d gotten the go-ahead from Donn Bhat. “I really liked the space that Donn Bhat was in, but the music coming out of me off late wasn’t in that space, so I wanted to make something that sounded spacey and groovy,” he says. He’d been influenced by dance music from the ’70s, but he especially wanted to recreate the vibe from Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees, which he happened to be listening to at the time.

From drummer to artist manager to sound engineer, and now finally producer, Zain has come a long way. He’s worked with a multitude of artists, bands and renowned names like Bluefrog and Only Much Louder (OML). It wasn’t until after completing his sound engineering degree in UK and producing for other people that he realized he wanted to put out something on his own, just for once. Ironically enough, his EP ‘Just This Once’ is set to have a follow-up releasing some time next year.

The second EP’s going to be influenced by the kind of music Zain has been listening to recently, mostly R&B and funk like Anderson .Paak, Robert Glasper and D’Angelo, but also ambient music like Tycho’s. It’s also going to be an electronic album infused with analog sounds. He’s already gotten his friends to lay down drum samples for him, but he hopes to have a lot more people play live on it. For now, Zain’s going to re-release ‘Just This Once’ via nrtya.

Aside from his Bulli Bainbridge project, Zain is also part of an entity called Horse Garden Productions along with Siddharth Talwar from Spud In The Box, where they produce music for ads and short films.

Bulli Bainbridge aka Zain Calcuttawala

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