The Best Albums Of 2017

2017 has been a great year for music in India. All around the country, artists, festivals and residencies have been popping up left and right, some of them commercial, some of them strictly for the arts. Whatever their individual aims are, there’s one thing no one can argue with: the scene is growing.

Now, our list of top picks may not include the most talented or the most popular. What it does include is a list of albums that are so fresh, you’ll want to listen to them on repeat — and isn’t that what defines a great album? So in no particular order, here’s our list of albums from 2017 that you just can’t miss.

01 Sid Vashi – Azuma Kazuma

Sid Vashi Azuma Kazuma album cover

“It’s easy to be tricked into thinking ‘Azuma Kazuma’ is just another ambient/instrumental album until you realize that the music will not share your attention with anything else. It features collaborations with The F16s’ Josh Fernandez, and Soopy and Divya Lewis.

Ghost Don’t Follow Me is a journey studded with mechanical beeps and primal screams, as if technology and nature are at war with each other, until a soulful interlude makes them settle into a comfortable rhythm. Prey pulls you in with familiarity, but it does have a few surprises in store. And Hauz is a earworm of a track, making you wish the album didn’t just end there.” Read more.

02 Komorebi – Soliloquy

komorebi soliloquy album cover

“Komorebi’s debut album ‘Soliloquy’ is a must-listen for a number of reasons. Tarana Marwah has already made a name for herself thanks to her fascinating electronica tracks, but in ‘Soliloquy,’ she goes one step further by proving herself as a skilled songwriter and vocalist. While her previous songs were mostly experimental and unpredictable for the listener, the songs on this album are more structured, presenting the stage to tell her stories on.

The album features collabs with industry favorites Sohrab Nicholson (Lands), Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues), and bass prodigy Mohini Dey. Each song seems a little more intimate and a little more hypnotizing than the previous one, almost as if luring us into Candyland, the imaginary realm that the album is set in.” Read more.

03 The Mellow Turtle – Dzong

the mellow turtle tre ess dzong

“With two EPs already under his belt, Rishabh Lohia conceptualized the ten-track album with assistance and special features by producer and good friend, Tre Ess.

From scenes of a post-apocalyptic party in Bhutan with the excess of “Rums and Bacardi” on a track like Mojo Park, to several other guitar-driven tracks blended with a concoction of eastern instruments and chillwave beats such as on Laced and Kanke, the album is able to create an imaginative visual experience through the convoluted storytelling of a Jharkhandi artist who is deeply influenced by a Buddhist way of life and looks upon the politically-charged environment that has shaped today’s and yesterday’s world.” Read more.

04 Stuck In November – First Visit To Camp Telepathy

stuck in november first visit to camp telepathy album cover

“Stuck In November is known for bringing us a plethora of the happiest sounds in existence. Their debut EP ‘First Slice Of Cake’ was math rock at its finest, full of complex riffs and skilled musicianship, but completely natural to hear. Their new EP ‘First Visit To Camp Telepathy’ is an oxymoron – more of the same but radically different. True to its name, the tracks are brimming with organic sounds, reminiscent of a childhood spent frolicking in nature.

But the band has really outdone themselves with Monster, the last track on the album that starts off in the same vein as the rest, but gradually turns sinister, like a camp visit gone wrong with snakes, swamp monsters, and even aliens.” Read more.

05 Ezzyland – DEPS X ANXIES

ezzyland deps x anxies album cover sidharth ezhilan

“From rap mixtapes to EDM, Sidharth Ezhilan, better known as Ezzyland, has dabbled in a bit of everything, releasing numerous EPs and building a loyal fanbase along the way. Now, he might have released his best one yet – DEPS X ANXIES. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t hooked right from the first few bars of the intro, Hello MTV Welcome To My Crib. Relatable? Check. Larger than life? Check. Great fucking music? Check.” Read more.

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