LISTEN: Agam Puram’s debut EP ‘Sibyl’

It’s hard to pin down Agam Puram’s genre, thanks to the band’s diverse influences. The first track, Dwell In The Depths makes you think darkness definitely dominates their sound, a subtle scream phasing in and out of the song. But then Cliche comes on, and it’s a little more bright and a little more fun, acting somewhat as a bridge to the third track, Motta Maadi, a Tamil rock song. Of course, Sibyl, the last but title track of the album, is the most interesting one, with a small narrative intermission.

An EP with this much organized chaos was obviously no easy feat to achieve. Vijay Narayanan, one half of Agam Puram, has penned a letter detailing the band’s journey right up till their debut release.

In the summer of sweaty ’16, even as I was asleep amidst the sultry sun-baked rooftop boiling atop my abode, I had a dream. Fixed I was on a stage, finishing a song, glancing to my right at a guitar-laced human blowing the mind of mine and the mind of a thousand lovely souls watching us perform, with a solo. “That solo…”

The afternoon sleep was over, and I knew precisely what to do. I hit an old friend of mine – Saravana Gowtham. I knew him to be a skilled wielder of a certain stringed instrument already, for that’s what my Facebook feed used to be littered with grandly during certain weekends; and as I pinged him trying to ask for a collab, he asked me to send snippets of what I could do.

I’m not sure I could do a lot, but whatever I did made him call me up for a jam. And jam, we did, instantly knowing that we were a team. In just a few weeks time, we had a plethora of songs.

Then we went on a hiatus.

With songs written and partially done, and a partnership we hoped would never die, we went on a hiatus. Beginning to live in different cities, and one of us flying off a motorbike, could do that. He moved to Bangalore, and I moved to extended siestas in bed, for a while. The duo project, still unnamed, was on hold. But then, in an attempt to revive the magic, the project was named. “Agam Puram.”

Official Poster - SIBYL EP - Agam Puram.jpg

Inside and outside, we have always known that we were inclined towards that is art, and that is what Agam Puram means – “Inside Outside”. With dreams of writing cohesive art together, inside, and a demeanor that betrayed the very thing, outside, I, Vijay Narayanan, hurried with vigor to the city of my dreams, Bangalore, and got down to do what we should have done a year ago – finish an album with the pieces that had already been written by us. Agam Puram, sitting in a little house in Bangalore, finally finished an album together.

With elation and contemplation, we named in Sibyl. With a song’s name becoming the title of the album, we thought of doing a little “awareness programme” of sorts for what we’ve done – with hopes inside and hopes of seeing happiness through creased blithe on faces of those listening being apparent on their outside, I, along with Saravana Gowtham, are here, presenting with love to you all, a 30-minute-long EP, in which you’ll find prog-influenced and heavy metal pieces, and pieces sewn together to form mellow pieces of rock.

Support us. Support our dream. Appreciate what we’ve done, or criticize it if you must, but please react to it. “Make or break” is an interesting phrase. Whilst we will look to “make ourselves”, do help complete it by “making us” what we aspire to be, a couple of boys in their early 20s making music and calling themselves Agam Puram.

Sibyl, in its six-track entirety, is up on their YouTube channel. And if you like what you’re hearing, all you’ve to do is shoot them an email at to download the album for free.

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