This fashion blogger has a message for everyone in her new photo series

This anonymous blogger, who goes by the pseudonym La Lady Anonymous, is challenging preconceived notions with her new series of photos, ‘Act Like A Lady’. If you find these photos odd or unsettling, her point is already made.

If clothes decide how you carry yourself, some clothes just reduce you to a timid mess. These photos strip away stereotypes and expectations, instead showing someone who looks right at home in a saree. She wears it just as beautifully as someone who “acts like a lady”.

“I’m not talking about gender stereotypes,” she says about the photos. “This is also not a discrimination inside of gender. Not even one of the labels thrown at us. But merely false preaching. Have you noticed women who shift personalities in different costumes? Cheerful or dominant in jeans, elegant and shy in a saree? It’s not their fault. Imagine or recollect a saree advertisement. Now, think of a denim wear advertisement. You have the answers in your head. It is the mixed roar of society, culture and media that tame the very foundation of who you are.”

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