Want to have a career where you can embrace your inner child?

Abhishek Biswas believes the answer to doing that is being an animator. As a boy, he loved watching cartoons, so much so that his dad noticed his interest and showed him a flipbook of pencil sketches, teaching him the basic process of 2D animation. Now, Abhishek is an accomplished storyboard artist in Mumbai. He’s also been placed in the top few of the 11 Second Club, a global animation contest, several times.

A day in the life of an animator

Maybe it’s because he loves his job, but Abhishek dedicates his entire day to animation. When he wakes up, he goes online to see art blogs and discover new artists and references, before heading for his job. At night, he works on his own projects and films. Right now, he’s working on a 2D short film titled ‘Color’ and another ongoing indie project called ‘Me And Juju.’ Although he spends his leisure time watching movies, visiting new places, skateboarding and meeting new people, he says that he’s mostly living his life in an imaginary world inside his head which is full of colors.

There’s a downside to distinct art styles

While most artists swear by having a unique style to distinguish themselves, Abhishek believes that conveying the right emotions are an important part of any visual storytelling like animation or illustration, and it’s important to choose the right style for the story. “So according to the subject of my illustrations, I prefer to find the best way or different style to connect with my viewers,” he says.

Advice for future animators

It’s not enough to just find your passion; you have to follow it. Right after his graduation, Abhishek completed a diploma course in 2D animation in Webel Animation Academy and landed his first job as a 2D animator. But he knew that wasn’t enough. Every night, he started working on his animations for the 11 Second Club contests, where he connected with and learned a lot of valuable things from talented animators around the world.

On making a name for himself in these contests, Abhishek says, “Well, of course it feels really good when people have voted for your submissions. It means they like your work. But the important thing that I have learned from all the artists is that you should love your job, never ever give up, and try to enhance yourself every day. These are the best lessons from 11 Second Club, which has helped me take my work to another level. I am still continuing the process to learn more.”

abhishek biswas animator holding a skateboard

image courtesy of abhishek biswas

Must-watch cartoons

Abhishek thinks that the cartoons everybody should watch are Tom and Jerry, Lamput, Batman: The Animated Series, Gravity Falls, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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